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The forefront of Process Control and Automation where precision meets innovation. With a rich history of excellence, we proudly stand as one of Siemens’ leading global solutions partners and an endorsed partner of Aveva. Additionally, we hold the esteemed position of being one of only three Pi Dev Club System integrators in South Africa, the premier distributor for Stratus Technologies in Africa, and accredited providers for Siemens. Our expertise spans a spectrum of leading technologies, including Aveva, Allen Bradley, Schneider, Ignition, Emerson, Stratus Technologies, Osisoft Pi, and other renowned brands, solidifying our role as suppliers for the world’s most cutting-edge technological solutions.

Awards and Recognition: Celebrating Excellence

Our team of highly skilled engineers is adept at developing ECSA-approved drawings, ensuring compliance with the highest industry standards. By aligning with ECSA requirements, we demonstrate our dedication to quality and regulatory adherence, providing our clients with the confidence that their projects meet the rigorous criteria set by the engineering authority.

Leading Technologies

Siemens Solutions Partner

 As Siemens’ leading global solutions partner, we form part of an elite group of global experts for the  Siemens range of software  with a speciality in PCS7 and TIA. From DCS to PLCs and HMI systems, our proficiency in Siemens automation technology ensures your operations benefit from the latest advancements, enhancing efficiency and reliability.


 PCS Global is an AVEVA Endorsed partner which makes us one of three specialists in South Africa.  Our mastery of Aveva’s cutting-edge solutions empowers us to deliver comprehensive process control and automation systems. Aveva’s state-of-the-art software enables us to design, visualize, and optimize processes with unparalleled precision, providing clients with a competitive edge in their industries.

Stratus Technologies

Accredited providers for Stratus Technologies and Africa’s premium distributor, we ensure continuous availability and uptime for critical applications. Stratus’ fault-tolerant solutions, coupled with our expertise, guarantee seamless operations even in the most demanding environments.

Osisoft Pi

 As one of only three Pi Dev Club System integrators in South Africa, we are experts in Osisoft Pi, a leading data infrastructure platform for industrial operations. We harness the power of Osisoft Pi to unlock valuable insights and drive informed decision-making for our clients.

Accredited Providers and Suppliers of Leading Brands

As suppliers for the world’s leading technological brands, PCS Global ensures access to a comprehensive range of cutting-edge technologies. Our partnerships with industry giants underscore our commitment to providing clients with solutions at the forefront of technological innovation.

Allen Bradley

 Accredited providers for Allen Bradley, we bring a wealth of expertise in their automation solutions, ensuring clients receive tailored solutions that meet the highest industry standards.


   Accredited by Schneider, we integrate innovative solutions to create seamless and efficient process control systems. Schneider’s cutting-edge products, combined with our expertise, result in solutions that elevate operational excellence.


Our accreditation as Ignition providers enables us to leverage this powerful industrial automation software. Ignition’s flexibility and scalability, coupled with our implementation skills, empower us to create dynamic and responsive automation solutions for diverse industries.


  As accredited providers for Emerson, we leverage their extensive portfolio of automation solutions to enhance the performance and reliability of processes. Our partnership with Emerson reflects our commitment to delivering solutions that stand the test of time.

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