PCS Global services are divided into 3 categories. This is done in order to create focus and dedicated support. The 3 categories are :

Centralized Services

Workshop Services

Field Services

Service and Support
Operator Training
Hot/Cold Commissioning
Factory Acceptance Testing
Project Implementation
Software Development
System Design and Planning
Project Management
Profibus Testing and Certification
Scoping and Auditing

Quality Management
Containerized Solutions
Motor Control Centres
Zone 1 / Zone 2 Panels
Local Isolator Panels
Local Control Panels
Remote IO Panels
PLC Cabinets
Control Panels

Site Acceptance Testing
Certificates of Compliance
Fibre optic Splicing and installations
MCC and Control Panel installation
instrumentation installations
Mechanical hydraulic and pneumatic piping installations
Underground and surface installations
Cable and cable racking installation up to MV
Site Management
Project Management