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At PCS Global

We take pride in our extensive experience and unwavering commitment to excellence in the mining industry. With a global footprint, we have collaborated with mining clients on a diverse range of projects, spanning processes in manganese, steel, chrome, gold, platinum, bauxite, copper, and even diamond mining. Our in-depth understanding of these processes, coupled with cutting-edge technologies, positions us as a trusted partner for mining operations worldwide.

Mining Expertise: A Global Perspective

Our journey in the mining industry has equipped us with unparalleled insights into the intricacies of mining processes. From extraction to refining, we have collaborated with mining giants globally, leveraging our expertise to enhance throughput while strategically lowering production costs. This extensive experience has made us a preferred service provider for blue-chip clients, including industry leaders such as Anglo American, Rio Tinto, Exxaro, Glencore, Sibanye, Maaden, and South 32.

System Integration with Leading OEMs: Enhancing Efficiency

As system integrators for the world’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) such as Thermo Fisher, Outotec, and FLSmidth, we bring a seamless integration of technology to mining operations. Our collaborations with these industry giants enable us to provide innovative solutions that drive efficiency, optimize processes, and contribute to sustainable mining practices.

Commitment to Safety: A Record of Excellence

Mining operations inherently come with risks, and at PCS Global, we prioritize safety above all. With a proud record of zero incidents over our 15 years of operation, we are committed to strict safety standards. Our dedication to maintaining a safe working environment ensures not only the well-being of our team but also the success and continuity of our mining partners’ operations.


Key Highlights of Our Mining Solutions

Global Reach

With a presence on a global scale, we understand the nuances of mining processes across various regions and commodities.

Diverse Portfolio

From precious metals to industrial minerals, our experience spans the entire spectrum of mining operations, allowing us to tailor solutions to specific industry needs.

Preferred Service Provider

Our status as a preferred service provider for blue-chip clients underscores the trust placed in us by some of the biggest names in the industry.

System Integration Leadership

As system integrators for leading OEMs, we bring a wealth of expertise to the table, ensuring seamless integration of technology for enhanced operational efficiency.

Why Choose Us

Proven Track Record

Our success stories with global mining leaders speak for themselves, showcasing our ability to deliver results.

Innovation and Technology

By collaborating with leading OEMs, we stay at the forefront of technological advancements, offering cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

Safety First

Our commitment to maintaining a safe working environment is unwavering, contributing to the sustained success of our mining partners.

Customized Solutions

We understand that each mining operation is unique. Our solutions are tailored to address specific challenges and objectives.

To elevate your mining operations to new heights

Contact us today to explore how our expertise, global perspective, and commitment to safety can contribute to the success and sustainability of your mining endeavours.