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Product Alignment & Refinery Upgrade

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 PCS Global South Africa was successfully awarded the Product Alignment and Refinery Upgrade (PAAR) and the PCS7 Upgrade for the Zambia Sugar/Illovo – Nakambala Sugar Mill. The project consisted of Software development and commissioning of a new refinery section and packaging plant within the Nakambala Sugar Mill, as well as the integration of various other new equipment  to increase the output from the the Sugar mill and the refinery.

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Zambia Sugar


PCS Global Provided

PCS Global was responsible for the Upgrade of the PCS7 System from Version 7.0 to V8.1

PCS Global was responsible for the Design, Development, and Commissioning & Optimization of the PCS7 Software as per the control strategies provided by the client

PCS Global was responsible for the factory acceptance testing and QA/QC for all Control and Remote enclosures manufactured by others onsite

All Project Management related PCS Global Scope was handled by PCS Global South Africa